Links we LOVE:

Comox Nautical Days - Free festival of family fun!

Comox Valley Exhibition - We love the exhibition! Naomi created all the cartoon animals for their Kid Zone and also on their website/marketing. 

Discover Comox Valley - Find out all the wonderful things our Valley has to offer you.

Edible Island Whole Foods Market - If you are health food nuts like us, you will have to make a stop at Edible Island.

Filberg Festival - High end art and craft festival in our very own town of Comox! 

Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary - Healthy teas, superfoods and much more.

Musicfest - The Valley's own amazing musicfest held every July. They always have super talented performers. You won't want to miss it!

Peachy-Boo  - Two besties making videos that will make you smile. See if you recognize anyone you know! 

Sieffart's Farm - Farm fresh fruits and veggie just around the corner from us. - Naomi's art website and blog!

The Comox Valley Farmer's Market - Looking for fresh local food? Our farmer's market has it all.

Uptown Yarns - If you are a knitter you will want to visit these peeps for all your knitting needs!

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