Steve's Metal Yard Creations

Naomi’s dad Steve is a retired log truck driver who logged in Kelsey Bay. He’s always been a tinkerer and welded things for years. Normally it’s useful things with a purpose like hitches and frames and woodstoves! It wasn’t until his daughter (ahem!) started asking him for kooky things to put in her yard that he started coming up with funny sculptures out of scrap metals and gears and things he had laying around. The garden lady in the front yard was his first creation. He also welded the gate to the Serenity Garden from an idea given to him from a photograph. He also created the neighbours gate next door. 

Since then he has been coming up with a lot of crazy fun critters. From the Farming Pig with Heart, to the Warrior, the Elephant, the Mini Robot with the top hat, the Pterodactyl made out of a bumper in the forest, the Monster Truck, the Flying Centipede, and to this Big Adorable Robot named Spicer and his girlfriend. During your stay with us, make sure you take a moment to wander about and see if you can find all these crazy critters! Can you name the parts they're made from?

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