Do you tip your wine tour guide?

This is especially the case if. Private tour guides would appreciate receiving a 10% to 20% tip at the end of the day, if you've had an excellent experience. Whether or not to tip your wine tasting host is probably the most frequent question we receive. The quick answer is that it's up to you.

Wine tasting rooms aren't bars and hosts' compensation doesn't depend on tips. But, if the host has served special wines that weren't part of the tasting, you might want to consider it. I took a consensus between the tasters and the employees of the tasting rooms in different regions, and the simple answer is that it is not necessary. Most tasting rooms charge a fee so you can taste guilt-free.

But advice is always appreciated, especially when you've received excellent service. So, if you have great service, if you're with a large group, or if they serve you additional wine (beyond the fixed list), consider tipping. When preparing for wine tasting day, avoid using cologne, perfume, or scented lotions. If you're buying a case or joining the wine club, I'd even dare say tip the waiter if you think they were exceptional.

If you're doing a wine tasting or table service, it's completely acceptable for two people to share a single tasting. Even if you're traveling alone and visiting a region that doesn't require advance reservations, it's best to call a winery ahead of time to ask about their walk-in policies for tastings and tours, especially on weekends, so everyone can stay tuned. If water is provided, it's a good idea to take a sip and even water the glass between each pour to cleanse the palate of the previous wine. Everyone is trying to discover and enjoy new wines when they are out for tastings and the staff in the tasting room are trying to treat you like a guest in their home.

Whether you're an experienced wine taster or you're completely new to the experience, visiting wineries and tasting rooms is a fun way to try new wines and learn your own preferences. Find out what wineries your package includes, and since this is quite new to me, you want to make sure you're up to date. It's customary to tip 20% when your expectations are met with the service you receive, whether from the wine manager, the production tour guide, or the wine tour driver. And again, if you loved your waiter and joined the wine club, you're likely to see him again, so leaving them a good tip will mean better service in the future for you.

If you want to know the background or the method behind the production of a certain wine you are tasting, don't hesitate to ask. We've seen too many people chewing Altoids or gum on their way to a tasting room and they report that all the wines tasted the same.

touring the country of wine

with children (or their four-legged babies) can be a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. To help guide you, we've put together some wine tasting etiquette tips, plus some additional guidelines worth keeping in mind for times of COVID so you can seamlessly enjoy this beloved Wine Country activity.