What are wine tasting tours?

In addition to tasting the wine, you will tour the vineyards and walk the rows of the season's vintages. Depending on the time of year, you may even be invited to pick some grapes and try them directly from the grapevine. Sunshine State wine is not only delicious, it's also different, because Florida winemakers often prefer Muscadine grapes or other native grapes that better withstand Florida heat and humidity than do traditional wine grapes such as Chardonnay or Merlot. Florida also produces wines with tropical fruits.

Today, across the state, you can discover winery tours, wine tastings, and unique events. Our wine tasting events feature six varieties made with grapes grown in our vineyard and handcrafted locally through Fenn Valley Winery. If you're ever unsure what wine to order at the restaurant or supermarket, a wine tasting can help you determine what flavors you prefer. Most wine tasting tours offer bottles for sale if you fall in love with a certain wine.

Our best advice is to keep an open mind. Taking tours of the vineyards is one of the best ways to learn about wine. During a wine tour, you can have interesting conversations about wines with producers and producers. The things you learn during the trip can make your wine-focused getaway even more interesting.

You still have to figure out where you want to go and what types of wine you want to try, but other than that, all you need to do is book a tour. Augustine is home to San Sebastian Winery, a premium winery known for pioneering the development of premium, sparkling and dessert wines from Muscadine grapes. Sit back in your saddle as you stroll through pastoral meadows, flowing streams and row after row of fragrant grape vines, pausing from time to time to hook your horse in the acclaimed cellars you pass by. Wineries have limited availability and you may not find a place to taste the wine you have tasted on your wish list.

Although they may not have the long history of their older counterparts, new wineries can still add a lot to your winery tour experience. Sail with Tahoe Tastings on sparkling Lake Tahoe aboard the 40-foot Golden Rose, a classic wooden boat that was reimagined as a Venetian water taxi. Start with lighter wines and move towards darker selections the darker the wine, the more intense the flavor and the harder it will be to compete with it in flavor. Even if you plan to spend an entire day touring the wineries, make sure you don't have more than 2 or 3 wineries on your itinerary.

These are the wine tasting tours that you had no idea you could book, but that you should write now that you know. It's also good practice to rinse the glass between tastings to avoid flavor competition. And with the concept of wine tasting rapidly spreading around the world, new wineries are emerging around the world. Wine tasting season is just around the corner, which means it's time to start planning your trips to the vineyards.

Learn the history of the vineyard or why they chose a specific grape cultivar to make their wine.