How much do you tip a wine tour guide?

For any booking of four or fewer guests, gratuities are at your discretion. If you are satisfied with the service and effort made by your tour guide, we invite you to offer a tip. Your consideration will be greatly appreciated. For larger groups, we'll include a 15% tip.

Whether you're an experienced wine taster or you're completely new to the experience, visiting wineries and tasting rooms is a fun way to try new wines and learn your own preferences. If water is provided, it's a good idea to take a sip and even water the glass between each pour to cleanse the palate of the previous wine. And again, if you loved your waiter and joined the wine club, you're likely to see him again, so leaving them a good tip will mean better service in the future for you. A big part of the wine tasting experience is aromas, and using a strong perfume or aftershave is the quickest way to spoil that element of tasting for you and others.

It's never a bad thing to know what you like and what you don't, but wine tasting is the perfect time to experience something new or give it another flavor that you haven't liked in the past. As you've seen, the real question should be “how much do I tip in Napa? instead of “Do I tip when tasting wines in the Napa Valley? Some may be more wine savvy than others, it doesn't really matter if you've enjoyed wine for years, or if this will be your first glass, there's literally something for everyone. If you want to know the background or the method behind the production of a certain wine you are tasting, don't hesitate to ask. But would you like to know why a cold Riesling goes incredibly well with Brie? Or maybe find a very select Pinot Noir that goes perfectly with a cup of peanut butter? Not everyone likes to break fois gras to drink with a bottle of wine.

All drivers will call or text you the day before the tour to show up, confirm the start time and location, and answer any questions you may have.