How much do you tip a wine tour driver?

Tipping Etiquette It's customary to give a 20% tip when your expectations are met with the service you receive, whether from your wine manager, production tour guide, or wine tour driver. Unsatisfactory service for any reason doesn't guarantee a tip, so never feel like tipping is an obligation. It's not expected to tip wine drivers or general employees on a wine tour, but if you think you've had an extraordinary experience, any tip, even a modest one, is welcome. All drivers will call or text you the day before the tour to show up, confirm the start time and location, and answer any questions you may have.

If you pay full price for the tasting and don't buy wine, you don't expect a tip, but it's sure to be appreciated. Since I've been based in Napa, that's where I've researched and focused; however, many of these tipping rules work for most U.S. wine regions. UU.

The Long Island wine tour by limousine is a pleasure that some people never have the pleasure of finding. People lucky enough to be in a budgetary position to rent a limousine should understand that there is an implied service tag code for the Long Island wine tour. To find the best solution, I sent an email to 20 of my closest friends who have worked in the wine industry. If you're buying a case or joining the wine club, I'd even dare say tip the waiter if you think they were exceptional.

Even though wine tasting is expensive, we have included some additional data that contributes to these findings. As you've seen, the real question should be “how much do I tip in Napa? instead of “Do I tip when tasting wines in the Napa Valley? And again, if you loved your waiter and joined the wine club, you're likely to see him again, so leaving them a good tip will mean better service in the future for you.